Todd Babiak lives in a city called Edmonton most of the time. Why?

He works at Story Engine and writes novels.


One thought on “Edmonton

  1. Todd, is the magpie the official bird of Edmonton? I know I have heard that somewhere which is how I found your blog – I was googling away looking for it (unsuccessfully) and saw Magpietown but didn’t find anything else. Strangely enough, I also just read an article of yours in the U of A alumni magazine, winter edition. Why is it strange? I haven’t lived in Edmonton in 15 years, since I graduated from U of A, it was the first and only copy of the mag I’d seen, and we went to University together back in the day. Also, I am moving back to Edmonton this summer – and the magpie is the official bird of Taiwan, where I’ve been living (and freelancing at the China Post and Taipei Times) for most of this time. Aloha!

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