The Make Something Edmonton launch party is sold out.

Starting on March 22, we’ll take it on the road. We’ll make presentations, visit schools and clubs and dinner parties and community halls and church basements and corporate lunchrooms. You will invite us. We’ll entertain and inspire you. We’ll ask, “What are you making?”

There might not always be a cash bar, of course.

The quick sell-out was, we repeat, a happy but sad surprise. To make sure everyone who wanted to be there on Thursday, March 21 feels equally involved and invited, we have put together a MAKE SOMETHING EDMONTON LAUNCH PARTY IN A BOX.

What’s in the box? Music, food and drink, clothes: everything you need. The Edmonton Journal will livestream the launch party, beginning at 6:00 p.m. on March 21.

What music will you play? Edmonton music. Consider:

  1. Renny Wilson – Who was I?
  2. Talwst – Colors
  3. Wool On Wolves – Midnight Avenue
  4. Corb Lund – Mein Deutsches Motorrad
  5. Colleen Brown – Fight! Fight !Fight!
  6. Mitchmatic – Ella MPC
  7. John Estacio – Frenergy
  8. Cadence Weapon – Jukebox
  9. Christian Hansen – Pump it
  10. Shout Out Out Out Out – Self Loathing Rulz
  11. Siiines – Brand New High
  12. Cygnets – Leave the prophets dead where they lie
  13. Purity Ring – Grammy
  14. Born Gold – Lawn Knives
  15. Mass Choir – I Cant Feel your Love (Secret Squares Remix)
  16. Nestor Delano Feat. Ryan Hamilton – One & Only

What food will you eat? Edmonton food. Consider:

  1. Beer from Alley Kat, Amber’s, Yellowhead
  2. Wine from Barr Estate, Birds & Bees (EnSanté)
  3. Sausages from Irvings Farm Fresh
  4. Bread from Dauphine, Tree Stone, Bon Ton Bakery
  5. Pastry and desserts from Duchess Bake Shop
  6. Cheese from The Cheesiry
  7. Veggies from Sparrow’s Nest, August Organics, Gull Valley Greenhouses, Halwa Farms, Doef’s
  8. Mushrooms from Mo-Na
  9. Meat from Four Whistle FarmSpring Creek Ranch, Meadow Creek, First Nature Farms
  10. Ice cream from Pinocchio
  11. Honey from Beanstalk, Coal Lake
  12. Dandelion tea from Dandy Joe
  13. Chocolates from Jacek, Violet, Sweet Lollapalooza
  14. Anything else from the Old Strathcona Farmers’ Market or the City Market

What clothes will you wear? Edmonton clothes. Consider:

  1. Malorie Urbanovitch
  2. Sid Neigum
  3. Nicole Campre
  4. Angelique Chmielewski

These are not exhaustive lists, of course, but it does inspire a certain manner of thinking. Thank you to Kris Harvey, Michael Meneghetti, Brad Lazarenko, Liane Faulder and Sheniz Kassam for the help and guidance.

If you’ve gathered for a Make Something Edmonton party and, by some disastrous disaster, the Edmonton Journal livestream doesn’t work, we suggest dancing and project planning. If you’re keen on watching Edmonton, how about a documentary by Niobe Thompson or perhaps a short film by this fellow:

Trevor Anderson, filmmaker and sometimes rock star

Trevor Anderson, filmmaker and sometimes rock star



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