Make Something Sell Out

Less than 48 hours after tickets to the launch of Make Something Edmonton went on sale, they were sold out.

We’re sorry about that.

I think back to meetings we have had, in the last few months, where we were terrified no one would come. Avenue Theatre, on the site of one of the most remarkable Make Something Edmonton projects in recent memory — the revitalization of 118th Avenue — holds 500 people.

Venues in Edmonton jump from 500 to A LOT, and we were frightened to book a giant hall.

The 21st is a busy night. We’re up against an evening with Michael Ondaatje organized by MacEwan University. We’re up against Percolate. Bob Seger is playing that night, down the avenue at Rexall Place. It’s the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The Edmonton Home and Garden Show is on. It’s Fashion Week.

We didn’t want to be up against anything, but our courageous, hard-working patrons — Mayor Mandel and city councillors — are almost never available. They are available on the 21st.

The problem we feared has transformed into something else, and we’re going to find imaginative ways to include all of you. More to come on that, some Make Something-esque solutions. In short, there will be lots of parties, that night and over the coming months. And in the spirit of this thing, you’re going to throw them.

In the meantime, start getting your projects together. Find a blank wall or corner of the city, a plot of unused public land, a street where neighbours don’t know each other, and begin working on a solution with your family, your friends, your neighbours, your co-workers. Build an app, start a business, put on a show, plot your party, solve a problem. And document it. Get ready to tell us about it. Our new interactive website will launch March 21 as well: these brilliant people are working on it.

If you’re new to this thing, here’s an Edmonton Journal editorial about Make Something Edmonton.

And a clip from CTV.

Avenue Theatre on 118th. See you there, physically or virtually, March 21.

Avenue Theatre on 118th. See you there, physically or virtually, March 21.


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