Make Something Nostalgic

In our search for those things that are particularly, even peculiarly Edmonton, we talked to 112 people.

They were allowed to say “the river valley” and “nice people,” and they were allowed to say “diversity” and “innovation” and other -tion and -ity words. We just didn’t write that stuff down.

We’re building a catalogue of those events, institutions, businesses, things, pieces of art, stories, people, and moments that are particularly Edmonton, as we prepare to launch Make Something Edmonton. Some are massive, sophisticated and growing. Some are tiny and elegant. Others are just the right size, powered by neighbours and nostalgia.

One of the neighbours-and-nostalgia variety is launching its 2012 incarnation on December 14: Candy Cane Lane.

photo by Cosmin Danila

photo by Cosmin Danila

It started in a particularly Edmonton way, with a few neighbours in Crestwood coming up with an idea forty-four years ago. The idea might have died on the kitchen table, when the beer bottles were empty. But it didn’t. Today, hundreds of thousands of people come through Candy Cane Lane with donations for the Edmonton Food Bank. You can walk through or splurge on an elite experience: the sleigh ride.

Community leagues are one of those particularly Edmonton things, powered by volunteers. Crestwood calls itself the oldest continually operating community league in Canada, and Candy Cane Lane is a superb model for a Make Something Edmonton project. They can come from business and the arts community, from schools and universities, from a group of friends or — like Candy Cane Lane — from a few neighbours with a scheme.

What are you making? In 2013, we’ll be asking you in rather an active way.

And now for a sweet video of a brown Edmonton Christmas lit up right (crank the volume):


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