Make Something Small

Scott Francis Winder is a serial entrepreneur in Edmonton. He has started several companies, in several realms, and saves time for social and philanthropic initiatives. Today he is a principal in Sticks & Stones, a marketing agency. This week we met at one of the city’s fine new restaurants to talk about Make Something Edmonton. […]

The Longest Night

There is no other big city farther north than Edmonton, on this continent. In our research, this fact didn’t light you up as much as we had suspected. What lights you up is the notion of making something. Importing a glamourous event from Norway: not so Edmonton. Building an Edmonton ritual or tradition from the […]

Make Something Nostalgic

In our search for those things that are particularly, even peculiarly Edmonton, we talked to 112 people. They were allowed to say “the river valley” and “nice people,” and they were allowed to say “diversity” and “innovation” and other -tion and -ity words. We just didn’t write that stuff down. We’re building a catalogue of […]