Edmonton and the English Language

The company I work for, Story Engine, has a George Orwell obsession. In particular, an essay he wrote in 1946 called Politics and the English Language. He begins the essay by excerpting some jargon-filled, cliché-ridden English, written by people who think and communicate for a living. That is, people who should know better: politicians, academics, […]

Hot rum optional

On Tuesday, at City Hall, Councillor Don Iveson said a rather perfect thing. The WinterCity Strategy had just been released, and it was an occasion for a municipal committee to figure out what to do about it. This was largely a procedural matter and it confused many of us who are unfamiliar with committee deliberations. […]

Municipal self-esteem, bridges, leadership, and light

At Pecha Kucha 14, Dave Mowat, CEO of ATB Financial, pitched his idea to light up the bridges: “nighttime signatures of the city.” He makes a connection between the symbolic nature of bridges, municipal self-esteem, and the creative use of light. This idea, and its execution, is a beautiful example of a Make Something Edmonton […]

The business case for an Edmonton story

What has “Keep Austin Weird” been worth to the capital of Texas? It’s improper to say a three-word story transformed Austin. It was true before anyone said it out loud. The story was already there but no one had articulated it. The story’s product: first T-shirts and bumper stickers then a call to action, a […]