What do we do with “city of champions”?

In 1979, after Pittsburgh athletes had won four Superbowls, two World Series, and a university football title, Howard Cosell called it “the city of champions.” Pittsburgh leaders, struggling with the transition from one sort of economy to another, and with a crummy reputation, took on the slogan. By 1980, books were already being published about […]


You made this in Edmonton? Really?

A few days into the run of Catalyst Theatre’s The Soul Collector, I moderated an informal panel discussion in the lobby of the Arts Barns. Jonathan Christenson, the writer, director and musical composer of the show, and Beth Graham, writer and performer, were on the panel. The topic was making art in Edmonton. What Jonathan and […]

Delight in Downtown

Like a lot of leaders in Edmonton, Jim Taylor, executive director of the Downtown Business Association, has been impatient for renewal for most of his career. Now that renewal has arrived, he’s a bit spooked. The city is making Jasper Avenue into a pedestrian route. 108th Street is transforming. New towers are going up north […]


The Make Something Edmonton launch party is sold out. Starting on March 22, we’ll take it on the road. We’ll make presentations, visit schools and clubs and dinner parties and community halls and church basements and corporate lunchrooms. You will invite us. We’ll entertain and inspire you. We’ll ask, “What are you making?” There might […]

Make Something Sell Out

Less than 48 hours after tickets to the launch of Make Something Edmonton went on sale, they were sold out. We’re sorry about that. I think back to meetings we have had, in the last few months, where we were terrified no one would come. Avenue Theatre, on the site of one of the most remarkable […]